Why Set Up a Joint Stock Company in Belgium


Belgium is a Western European Country and a member state of the European Union, known for the high standards of living, life quality, education and healthcare it achieves. It is a country with an advanced high-income economy and is also characterized as very high in the Human Development Index. This country offers a lot of attractions to tourists and an inviting, multicultural and open business climate.

Belgium is not only economically strong and stable, but it also ranks as one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world. All these facts are without any doubt, indicators of the lucrativeness and profitability of setting up a business in this country. Among the types of Business enterprises that can be set up in Belgium is the Joint Stock Company.

The Belgian Joint Stock Company – locally known as “Société Anonyme (SA)” – is one of the most common types of businesses operated in the country. This is due to the fact that setting up one is a relatively easy process, provided all necessary procedures are duly followed and for the numerous benefits it offers to its owners and shareholders.

To set up a Joint Stock Company in Belgium, a minimum share capital of EUR 65,550 is required. This is a very fair amount that can be relatively easy to garner from members of the company. Then, a Belgian Joint Stock Company is to have a minimum of two shareholders and three directors.

Another major benefit of a Belgian Joint Stock company is that when it comes to company’s assets, the limitation of responsibility for shareholders makes for ease. With limited responsibility, there is less chance of the shareholders losing too much is the company, as their losses only correspond to their level of investment. The shareholders in the company will not be held liable for any obligations other than their investment in the share capital.

For a Joint Stock Company in Belgium, there are no corporate income taxes. Due to this, business owners will be able to avoid “double taxation” effects resulting from the payment of taxes both as a business entity and as an individual. This ultimately results in more returns and income for the investors and shareholders in the company.

A Belgian Joint Stock Company is well equipped to undertake business on a large scale. As a result, it can derive all the advantages of large-scale production which includes cost efficiency and profit maximization and also improves society by making more jobs available.

One other noteworthy benefit of setting up a Joint Stock Company in Belgium is the benefits it enjoys as a member of the European Union. This factor alone increases opportunities to do business with other member countries and most certainly comes with other added advantages.

So, are you in need of a large business venture that is safe and secure, able to acquire enough funding and make much profit? Then establishing a Joint Stock Company in Belgium will help you meet that need.