Types of Companies in Italy


There are a few different ways to structure your business in Italy, and it is critical to know which one is directly for you and your future customers.

Setting up a company

Restricted Liability Company (SRL – Societa a responsabilita limitata)

This is a run of the mill kind of organization outsiders pick when beginning a private venture in Italy. Alongside, at any rate, one investor, the base venture of 10,000 EUR is required for this sort of organization.

In any event, 2,500 EUR (a quarter) must be paid like a store upon joining. On account of just a single investor, the store as the start-up capital must be ponied up all required funds. Capital is viewed as satisfactory both in real money and kind, anyway capital in kind requires assessment by an enlisted inspector.

Investors, for the most part, hold a restricted obligation to the degree of their commitment and the capital is carefully part into premiums without the likelihood to list on the stock trade showcase.

Companies can pick whether they need to have one chief, at least 2 executives who have autonomous forces, or top managerial staff. Also, a leading group of statutory inspectors must be made who will screen and keep up the bookkeeping of the organization, including exchanges, monetary records and budget summaries.

Joint stock company (SPA – Societa per azioni)

On the off chance that you have a lot of capital and need to begin a SPA organization, a base venture of 120.000 EUR is vital for start-up. A fourth of the capital should be stored before the consolidation of the organization.

This business type requires at any rate 1 investor, with the capital ordinarily separated into offers with the likelihood of posting them on the stock trade. At the point when there is just a solitary investor in the organization, the majority of the start-up capital must be paid on the double before joining.

Every year the investors must hold a standard gathering with the point of improving fiscal summaries. The organization likewise needs its very own bookkeeping framework administered by the leading body of statutory examiners.

The administration of that kind of organization can contrast depending on the inclinations of those included. There are 3 potential outcomes:

  • Customary board – shaped by a solitary executive
  • A directorate
  • An administration board – which is allowed by the supervisory council (supervisory advisory group is chosen by the investors)

General Partnership (SNC – Societa in nome collettivo)

In the event that you are wanting to set up an organization dependent on an association, at any rate, 2 people or legitimate substances are required to consent to an arrangement record. You needn’t bother with an adequate measure of capital while building up the organization. All individuals are general individuals and hold full obligation and executives duty.

Restricted Partnership (SAS – Societa in accomandita semplice)

The primary conditions for setting up a constrained association are equivalent to for the general organization, then again, actually, in any event, one of the accomplices must be restricted and, in like manner, hold a restricted obligation to the degree of his commitment to the organization. The other accomplice must be general, owning full risk for the commitments.

Organization Limited by Shares (SAPA – Societa in accomandita per azioni)

This kind of association requires at least two accomplices. Organization Limited by Shares has comparable conditions to the restricted association. Restricted risk prerequisite goes to at any rate one of the accomplices and in any event, one of the accomplices must go about as a general part. Least necessity for capital isn’t required while capital is separated into offers instead of quantities.

Is legislative money related guide accessible to set up a business?

Italian law gives different types of awards to new organizations, especially in the provincial zones and the southern piece of Italy. Those awards can include:

  • EU appropriations
  • Focal government awards
  • Local improvement awards
  • Redeployment awards
  • Awards from common experts and nearby networks

You may be qualified for financial help with purchasing structures and gear, for research and mechanical purposes, for employment creation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.