Steps for Setting Up a Company in Poland

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Setting up a company in Poland: An eight-step guide.

Step 1: Register Your Company

For all entrepreneurs or businesses looking to set up a business in Poland, there are three main legal forms available to them. Companies established abroad are also granted permission to set up a branch or representative office in Poland. This step requires several requirements. The first is the application form. After fulfilling the application form, it can be sent electronically via email, posted or tendered personally at the court. It is mandatory that all entrepreneurs register in the National Court Register (NCR).

You would also need to submit alongside your application

  • A contract that shows the establishment of your company.
  • A list containing all shareholders or partners and their addresses.
  • A document that certifies the appointment of the company’s members of the board of directors
  • A compulsory organ of the company
  • A document that certifies a consent for the appointment of representing organ.

And a confirmation of the contribution of capital.

(The normal charge for the application is 600 PLN or 167 USD)

Step 2:

Apply for concession and permission for regulated activities or apply for a license.

There are several activities that are restricted even to polish entrepreneurs except you get an appropriate concession. All activities such as extraction of minerals, air transport, weapons and explosives and running a casino demand a concession.

How to obtain a concession.

The entrepreneur is required to apply for it before the organ. If the number of concessions attainable for the activity has a limit, the relevant organ can request a bid. The fee amount for this procedure depends on the concession.

Also, we have regulated activities which require a license to run. Here the entrepreneur is to receive permission or license for a regulated activity.

Step 3:

Branch office /representative office

Asides registering the company with the NCF, The following are required to set up a representative office.

  • Appoint a representative in Poland.

For foreigners trying to establish a branch office, you are obliged to register your activity in the Register of branch offices following application.

Step 4:

Open a bank account

It is important to open a bank account and fulfill any of these two conditions

  • Transaction worth more than 15.00 Euro
  • The transaction occurs between a foreign entrepreneur and another.

Step 5: Social Insurance Institute

Any entrepreneur with an intention to register a company in the national court register also has to gain entry into the social insurance institute and get issued a unique number as a payer of insurance contributions. While the national court register would pass across all necessary detail to the social insurance institute, any other information needed is provided by you.

Step 6: Get registered in the central statistical office

It is compulsory for all entrepreneurs to obtain the “REGON” which is a digital I.D Number.

There is a “one window” policy that allows an entrepreneur who registers with the national court register to gain entry into the social insurance institute, REGON number, and registration in the tax office.

Step 7: National Labour and Sanitary Inspection

In the case that the entrepreneur wants to employ others, it is necessary to register such activity with the National Labour Inspection and National Sanitary Inspection. An entrepreneur has a deadline of 30 days for National Labour Inspection and 14 days for National Sanitary Inspection starting from the date of establishment.

Step 8: Tax office

Application for the tax office is one of the requirements needed to fulfill the application form in the National court register. The entrepreneur is issued a NIP (tax identification number)